Private Lessons

For Kids & Adults

1 - 8 Max Participants

Kids Intro Lesson

This is a mandatory introductory lesson for kids before joining one of our groups for the coach to cover the basic skills with the new client, while the client and coach get to know one another so the coach can suggest a suitable group for the new client to join on a weekly basis.


This option is great if you and your buddy have a stage race coming up or if you and your ride buddy want to spend some time working on your skills together, from bike handling basics to sending those jumps. Let us help you level up!

Family Rides

Bikes for the whole family is a great idea to spend time together. You want to head out onto the trails together, but you don’t want anyone to have a bad experience or a fall so you’ve come to us for help. Since you’re paying for the whole family to come for skills training, let us ease the cost a little. * Minimum group size: 2

Three's A Party

If you are a group of three we have an option for you. Book in with us and lets help you understand the fundamentals of mountain biking and improve your confidence on the bike or work on a specific mtb feature you and your friends would like to overcome. We don’t offer the 90min option here as with the larger group we need a little more time to ensure all participants get the most out of your lesson with us.


This option is great if you have a specific target and you’d like the coach’s full attention and guidance. This is our most efficient option to help you reach your riding goals. Whether you just want more confidence in your riding abilities or you want to hit the big 1, we can get you there.  *Buy a 3-ride lesson pack - 2 hours per ride.

Four's A Crowd

Team building mtb lessons or a group of friends who all want to improve your MTB abilities. This lesson needs a minimum of four participants and a maximum of eight. We offer a two and three-hour option to accommodate the larger group size. All participants should ideally have similar MTB goals that they are keen to work on.

* Fees exclude park/trail day pass

For Your Safety


Our first priority is safety – always. All riders are required to follow our safety guidelines.

Indemnity covers you and us.  Please have our indemnity form filled out before arriving for your lesson.  It's super easy, complete it online.

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